Here’s What Happened When I Got a Trendy Facial Workout

Facial massage is an ancient practice going back centuries, but it has made its way into mainstream beauty in the past decade (which is really not surprising considering the number of benefits it offers).

“Facial exercise and massage are key for the function of healthy muscles, skin, and skin metabolism,” says Theron. “If you’ve ever gone to a boot camp or worked out your body, you know the great benefits you get from regular workouts—your muscles strengthen, and the skin becomes tighter and healthier. It’s the same on your face, too.” She says that working on the cheekbones and jawline will result in enhanced facial features and more definition and contour in the face, while focusing on the eye area can help lift and firm the skin for bigger, brighter, and younger-looking eyes. And if you’re feeling puffy, just a few minutes of facial massage can help to drain away toxins and excess fluid buildup. “Facial workouts can boost our natural skin functions, too, increasing circulation, boosting the lymphatic system, and aiding more efficient detoxification, which is key to the health of our skin. The end result? Firm, toned muscles, enhanced contours, and a lifted, radiant complexion,” she says.

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