Here’s how to get make-up to last in the heat in 8 simple steps

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  • Because I’m sure we can agree, that the melting make-up look is not hot

    We are in the midst of one heck of a heatwave – a level 4 heatwave to be exact. Thankfully, tomorrow the temperature drops, but only to the high twenties and low thirties – it’s still going to be scorching. This means that make-up is at serious risk of sliding off the face. Make-up expert at, Saffron Hughes, give us the lowdown on how to get your make-up to last in the heat.

    1. Make sure your moisturiser and SPF are oil-free

    As always with make-up, the prep really starts with your skincare routine. ‘On a hot day, use a moisturiser that is oil-free as this is less likely to leave your face greasy throughout the day,’ recommends Hughes. ‘You should, of course, also apply a facial sunscreen that is 30 or higher under your makeup to ensure that it’s properly protected from the sun.’

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    2. Apply the best primer to stop your makeup from slipping

    We know that many of you skip using a primer, as it’s another step to add to your regimen, but it’s key in warmer temperatures. ‘They create a tacky base to which your foundation and other face base products can cling to,’ says Hughes. ‘On top of this, they can fill in your pores, hydrate your skin and give you a glowing complexion – all of which will result in you needing less foundation.’

    3. Stay clear of shimmering base products, and apply light layers at a time

    Chances are you already look a little shinier than normal in this heat. Using any products with shimmery finishes is a big no-no because they’ll make you look more sweaty. ‘Opt for a matte foundation as they are formulated without mineral oil or petrolatum,’ advises Hughes. ‘This makes your face less susceptible to creasing throughout the day. If a foundation feels too heavy, you could opt for a matte CC cream.’

    Be wary of applying too much base product. Not only will this stop your make-up from looking cakey, but heavy layers of base are not going to allow your skin to breathe and could cause you to feel hotter.

    4. Skip the powder-based products

    ‘Powder can tend to look cakey on a hot day,’ warns Hughes. Who recommends steering clear of them all together in this heat and using cream or liquid formulas instead. This includes foundations, blushes, bronzers and even eyeshadows.

    ‘People’s skin tends to have less moisture in it during the hotter months due to them being more dehydrated, so it’s also important to pick products with hydrating ingredients. For example, look for products with ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and hyaluronic acid.’

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    5. Always finish your base with a skin-soothing facial mist

    Using one of the best face mists to set your make-up is always a good idea in this weather. Skin is more dehydrated when it’s hotter so the mist stops your make-up from slipping and sliding all over the place, as well as gives skin that much-needed boost of hydration.

    6. Stick to hydrating lip formulas so you don’t need to top it up as much

    ‘If you’re used to matte lipsticks but want something a bit more hydrating for summer, a satin finish is a perfect option as the formula falls somewhere between a matte and a cream,’ says Hughes. ‘However, it’s not as glossy as a cream finish so you won’t find the change in the formula too much of a shock after applying. What’s more, it’s the perfect summer formula for several reasons. Firstly, the subtle shine makes imperfect less noticeable, so you won’t need to top it up as much. They’re also less likely to slip around as much as a cream or sheer formula.’

    Hughes also recommends lip oils as they’re rich in nourishing ingredients like jojoba and shea oil, which actually makes them more hydrating that your everyday lip balm.

    7. Ensure your mascara is waterproof

    The best waterproof mascara is a must-have in summer. Even if you’re not planning a dip in the pool or by the beach, waterproof formulas are longer-wearing and won’t end up on your cheeks by lunchtime. ‘Humidity can make mascara smear all over, however, waterproof formulas are less likely to do this,’ explains Hughes.

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    8. Stop touching your face throughout the day

    ‘Not only can excessive touching of your face spread bacteria from your hands to your face, but with every touch, you’re removing makeup from your face,’ warns Hughes. ‘This is because your warm hands (from the sun) break down the products, causing your face to become patchy throughout the day.’

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