Glow by J.Lo is 20 years old

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  • You can’t move through the UK’s beauty halls without walking into a celebrity fragrance nowadays. But 20 years ago, there were very few. And then one hit the shelves that changed the perfume industry on its head.

    Glow by J.Lo launched in 2002 and celebrates its 20th birthday this year. It was an immediate hit. Fans went wild, wanting to smell like their favourite star. So much so that department stores struggled to keep it in stock. It was one of the most popular fragrances that year.

    Glow by J.Lo EDT, £22 | Amazon
    An ideal scent for the summer – a sweet, white floral musk.
    Top notes: Neroli, Orange Blossom, Grapefruit
    Middle notes: Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose
    Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla Amber

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    There were a few celebrity fragrances that came before Glow. 1957’s Givenchy Interdit, a fragrance inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren’s Sophia in 1981, Cher’s Uninhibited came out in 1987 and then the iconic perfumes White Diamonds, Black Pearls and Passion by Elizabeth Taylor in 1991. But none transformed the industry quite like J.Lo Glow.

    The curved frosted matte bottle, which is said to have been modelled on the singer’s infamous body, is effortlessly feminine with its pale pink colour and trademark rhinestone J.Lo necklaces.

    It truly took the market by storm and paved the way for other celebrities to launch their own signature scents. Its commercial success was huge and very quickly became a whole range. Glow was later followed by Still, Miami Glow, Live, Love at First Glow, Live Luxe, Glow After Dark, and Desire.

    Without Glow, we probably wouldn’t have Britney Spears Fantasy or Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely.

    The impressive thing about this fragrance is that it’s still popular today, most likely people getting that nostalgia kick when they need it. It might not hold the top spot anymore, but with Jennifer Lopez Affleck‘s popularity soaring at the moment, as well as early 00s trends making a solid comeback, we can imagine legions of new fans falling in love with it once again.

    Other popular celebrity fragrances

    Britney Spears Fantasy EDP, £42 | Boots
    Another classic celebrity fragrance that introduced millions of young girls to the world of fragrance. Uber sweet, with packaging to match. Often considered one of the best perfumes for women.
    Top notes: Kiwi, Red Lychee, Quince
    Middle notes: White Chocolate, Cupcake, Orchid, Jasmine
    Base notes: Musk, Orris Root, Wood

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    Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely EDP, £17.99 | The Perfume Shop
    A sophisticated take on the celeb perfume, SJP’s Lovely is every bit as chic as her. Senior Beauty Editor, Katie Thomas, says ‘it’s still one of my guilty pleasure scents. I’m a total sucker for a patchouli scent.’
    Top notes: Lavender, Martini, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Rosewood
    Middle notes: Patchouli, Orchid, Narcissus
    Base notes: Musk, Wood, Cedar, White Amber

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    Eilish by Billie Eilish EDP, £49 | Boots
    The newest celebrity fragrance on the list. Eilish launched at the end of last year and is the second most popular scent on TikTok.
    Top notes: Sugar, Red Berries, Mandarin Orange
    Middle notes: Vanilla, Cacao, Spicy Notes, Rose
    Base notes: Tonka Bean, Amber, Musk, Wood

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    Ariana Grande Cloud EDP, £30 | Boots
    This scent has amassed over 684,000 hashtag reviews on TikTok. It’s the clear winner with today’s younger generation.
    Top notes: Lavender, Pear, Bergamot
    Middle notes: Whipped Cream, Praline, Coconut, Vanilla Orchid
    Base notes: Musk, Wood

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    Fenty EDP, £155
    Of course, we had to include Rihanna’s Fenty EDP. So popular it regularly sells out, despite the high price point. This is by far the most grown-up of all the celebrity fragrances.
    Top notes: Blueberry, Tangerine
    Middle notes: Bulgarian Rose, Geranium, Magnolia
    Base notes: Musk, Patchouli

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    Each of these has been a huge money maker for the celebrities but always remember: J.Lo did it first.

    Is your favourite on the list?

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