From Strawberry to Kale, these are the most unusual food-themed baby names from the past decade

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  • If you’re expecting, the chances are that you’ve spent hours trawling the internet and baby name books for the perfect moniker. Whether you want to opt for something with a regal touch like these popular royal baby names, or are inspired by your favourite TV shows, the lists are endless.

    And if you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll be searching for vintage baby names – and may even like something from this list of nearly extinct names.

    But it seems that many parents are turning to an unusual source of inspiration for their little ones: food and drink.

    Ah yes, in the last ten years many have been following in the footsteps of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, who named their daughter Apple back in 2004.

    Where names like Olive and Honey have gained in popularity in recent years, there are some far less heard culinary-themed monikers out there.

    UK coffee retailer Coffee Friend has compared data from the Office of National Statistics to find which food and drink inspired names have been bestowed upon babies born in England and Wales over the last ten years, and some of them may surprise you.

    From Strawberry to Kale, here are the most unusual…

    Most unusual food and drink themed baby names


    A sweet and unique choice, it has rarely been used in the last decade with only three babies named after the red fruit – and surprisingly, those three children were all named in 2012. However, no more have been recorded since.

    Count in the last 10 years: 3


    Although a food term more often used in the US, Candy has been a choice for some parents of baby girls in England and Wales. While it’s still quite rare, 11 babies have been named Candy in the last ten years.

    Count in the last 10 years: 11


    Huckleberry certainly comes out as one of the most popular. A total of 41 boys have been named after the fruit plant in the past 10 years, perhaps thanks to Mark Twain’s famous Huckleberry Finn character.

    Count in the last 10 years: 41


    One of the origins of the French name Capucine comes from the robes worn by certain orders of monks – the colour of which inspired the naming of the Cappuccino. Since 2011, there have only been nine baby girls recorded with this name.

    Count in the last 10 years: 9


    Kale – the vegetable – had a bit of a resurgence in the 2010s, which may have inspired parents to name their children after the leafy greens. There have been 74 babies named Kale in the last decade, with many of those born in 2013.

    Count in the last 10 years: 74


    Also the name of Super Mario’s love interest, Peach saw gains in popularity over the last decade and was given to 16 baby girls.

    Count in the last 10 years: 16


    Those called Brie may not be deliberately named after the soft cheese but the association with the French delicacy is undeniable. One of the more popular food-related names, there have been 53 girls given the name between 2011-2021.

    Count in the last 10 years: 53


    Not many can say they share their name with a cereal grain, but three boys born in 2020 can. In fact those are the only recorded instances of children being given the unusual name since 2011.

    Count in the last 10 years: 3

    So there you have it.

    Would you use food and drink as inspiration to name your newborn?

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