Four ways I’ll make my wardrobe more sustainable this year

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  • I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, they often seem to be short lived – like dry January – and meaningless. That said, there is no harm looking at achievable goals you can implement throughout the year.

    For me, it’s continuing my work building a more sustainable wardrobe. As a fashion editor, it’s part of my job to discover new brands and trends, and as a result I own way more clothes than any person should need.

    In the past, I’ve often succumbed to fast fashion hauls, only to regret my purchases a few months later. So last year, I decided to spend less but better, focusing on items that I really loved, made from materials that would last me a lifetime, and investing in sustainable fashion brands.

    But change doesn’t happen overnight, and there’s way more work to be done. To this end, here are four things I want to try this year.

    Rent my wardrobe

    With a new season around the corner, I would normally start making a list of everything I want to buy, panicking that my existing wardrobe isn’t exciting enough. This time round, I’ll make sure I turn to online clothing rental sites such as HURR or By Rotation, which let you borrow the latest designer fashion for a friction of their RRP. By hiring a couple of statement pieces, I can mix and match them with my existing wardrobe and create beautiful new looks without adding more clutter to my house.

    I’m also lucky enough to be pregnant, and I don’t want to be spending lots on maternity wear that I’ll by definition only wear for a few months, so I’ll be looking to rent loads of oversized dresses and separates the next few months too.

    Invest in more sustainable fashion brands

    There have never been so many incredible independent labels in the fashion ring, so there’s never been a better time to invest. Don’t go thinking you have to spend a fortune either, affordable brands such as OMNES, ASKET, Free People and Ganni are serving up conscious-led creations that’ll make you feel both guilt-free and fabulous. Shop these and more in my sustainable fashion brands edit.

    Learn to care for my garments better

    The key to long-lasting fashion isn’t just about timeless designs, it’s about physical care too. I’ve often been negligent with items, throwing them in the washing machine without checking the label, and storing it improperly. I’ve learned that each material requires its own care, for example I’ll never wash my cashmere sweaters, use a debobler on them once a year, and I’ve cut down on washing my jeans too so they don’t lose their shape. I’ve also invested in a clothes steamer to give items a refresh and get rid of wrinkles in a gentler way than an iron.

    Sally Hughes, founder of luxury laundry brand Kair, is all about making your clothes last longer, and put together her top tips to do so. If you’re hanging delicate items, Sally recommends using padded hangers to protect against snagging. However, when it comes to storing away your winter knits, it is best to fold these to avoid misshaping. Most importantly, make sure to wash all your clothes with a gentle clothing wash.

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    Sell clothes online

    We all fall out of love with some of our clothes. Hopefully, if I implement the above changes, I won’t anymore, but for when I do, I make sure I do my best so they don’t end up in landfill. I rent some out on the sites mentioned above, and donate good quality items to charity shops. For the more fashion-forward pieces which I know won’t shift as well (and therefore possibly end up in landfill), I sell them online, thus practicing circularity as I know they’ll be bought by someone who wants them.

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