Every Beauty Look From the 2022 VMAs Red Carpet

Every year, MTV’s Video Music Awards act as a distillation of the current cultural zeitgeist. No matter what, the show manages to be the perfect arena for moments we just can’t stop talking about. You never know what will happen at the VMAs. Whether it’s Lady Gaga showing up in a meat dress or Beyoncé making a pregnancy announcement, years past have always delivered surprises.

The VMAs are the ideal place for stars to play around with their looks. The fashion is always off the charts, and the beauty never disappoints. Every iconic outfit on the red carpet needs equally heavy-hitting makeup, hair, and nails to round it out. Just think about it—Rose McGowan’s iconic “naked” dress from 1998 wouldn’t have been complete without her red lacquered lips, just like Megan Fox’s own rendition of the “naked” dress in 2021 wouldn’t have been complete without her wet-looking waves.

This year, we’re anticipating some beauty looks that we won’t be able to stop thinking about for at least the rest of the week if not months to come. We’ll be keeping track of our favorite beauty moments here as we see them. Keep scrolling for our absolute favorites.

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