Eco-friendly beauty products for Earth Day and beyond

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    Happy Earth Day 2022! This year, the theme is all about investing in our planet for a brighter future. The event is calling on everyone, from you to global conglomerates, to do their bit for protecting the planet. In response, more and more eco-friendly beauty brands have launched products, initiatives and future proofing commitments for a healthier world.

    From protecting rainforests to getting their recycling facts straight, eco-friendly beauty brands are taking steps to make your routine more sustainable. What’s even better is, every corner of the beauty world is striving to clean up its act in one way or another this year. This means everyone and anyone can shop more planet-friendly products for a brighter future.

    Shop these eco-friendly beauty products for Earth Day and beyond:

    1. YSL Nu Bare Look Tint

    If you want to make a truly sustainable beauty product, you have to start with the ingredients. That’s why YSL Beauty have partnered with the global NGO Re:wild on a new campaign Rewild Our EarthThe initiative is dedicated to reintroducing biodiversity to YSL’s key ingredient sourcing regions. From managing floods in Haiti, where the brand sources vetiver, to planting 400,000 trees in Madagascar (this is to future proof vanilla sources) the commitment is all about supply chains.

    On Wednesday, the brand unveiled its Nu range. All of the products are sourced from YSL’s Ourika Community Gardens in Morocco where the brand has helped to reintroduce over 200 plant species since 2013. On top of boosting biodiversity, YSL continues to work with female co-operatives to source it’s eco-friendly beauty products in the area.

    YSL Beauty Nu Bare Look Skin Tint, £27 | Boots 
    Designed to act as a tinted moisturiser or a buildable foundation, this new release suits ‘barely there’ or ‘full glam’ routines. A skincare-makeup hybrid, the product is boosted with plant-based glycerin and hyaluronic acid to leave a long-lasting, dewy, all-day base.

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    2. Boots plastic-free wet wipes

    There’s been loads of rumours about the banning of wet wipes over the last few years – for good reason. Every year 11 billion wet wipes are used in the UK and around 90% of them contain plastic. The pesky things that some people still use to take off their best red lipsticks clog up our sewers, line the bottom of the Thames (yes seriously) and pollute our oceans.

    In response, high-street favourites Boots has promised to remove all wet wipes that contain plastic fibres from its shelves by the end of the year, which means everyone can make the switch to more eco-friendly beauty. The drugstore’s entire range, which totals at 140 different lines, will be replaced with plant-based, biodegradable alternatives.

    Boots Biodegradable Micellar Cleansing Wipes, £1.50 | Boots 
    Let’s face it, it’s always handy to have some wipes in your bathroom for removing stubborn eye makeup or a quick freshen up post-workout. These biodegradable, plastic and chlorine-free wipes mean you don’t have to feel guilty for reaching for the packet. Infused with aloe, these wipes are also great for sensitive skin.

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    3. REN Clean Skincare Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask

    Every month is earth month for REN Clean Skincare. Not only has the brand become 100% zero waste this year, it is also introducing innovative planet-friendly packaging for two of its best sellers.

    To celebrate Earth Day the Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask and the Clearcalm Invisible Pores Detox Mask are now being housed in new 20% post consumer recycled glass jars. The container also has an aluminium lid that is infinitely recyclable. Fun fact: nearly 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

    4. Barry M Fill and Shape Brow Kit

    Barry M has always been at the top if it’s game at creating beauty products that really work but don’t break the bank. This Earth Month, the team is on a mission to remind beauty lovers that its eyeshadow and brow palettes are fully recyclable. The packaging is made up of metal pans and cardboard which you can chuck into your household recycling bin once you have disassembled the palettes.  Don’t worry, taking the product apart isn’t as tricky as you might think, the brand has a handy guide here.

    Ordering online? All of Barry M’s eco-friendly beauty products are packaged in postal boxes that are made from at least 65% recycled material and they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

    Barry M Fill and Shape Brow Kit, £5.99 
    Purse friendly and great for beginners, this simple brow kit is a makeup bag must-have. Particularly if you find your eyebrows need some TLC throughout the day. The three-pan product includes a brow soap so that you can lift you lamination in seconds. Once you finish the product, remember to unpick the packaging and chuck it in your recycling.

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    5. Floral Street Fragrances Electric Rhubarb EDP

    The sustainable scent world is booming as conscious spritzing becomes a more important part of people’s eco-friendly beauty routine. Floral Street Fragrances has been on a mission to create planet-friendly perfumes since it’s launch back in 2017. This month, the brand has announced that 350,000 used coffee cups have gone into creating its sustainable packaging. Every box is made from 20% upcycled coffee cups meaning you can can sip your caffeine fix and smell great with not guilt.

    6. Pärla Toothpaste Tablets

    Dental brand Pärla is on a mission to to eliminate one million toothpaste tubes from landfill or the ocean over the next 3 years with its toothpaste tablets. The team is urging you to wave goodbye to your toothpaste tubes and choose the zero waste, plastic free alternative. Simply chew the tablets, wet your bristles and brush. Et voilà you’ve cleaned up the first step in your beauty routine.

    To mark Earth Month, the brand has been encouraging every one to banish tooth paste tubes by collecting old ones outside Sainsbury’s. All of these old tubes are now being made into the brand’s recyclable toothbrushes that come with refillable heads so that you can use them forever.

    7. Fussy Refillable Deodorants

    It’s time for everyone to realise that their underarms deserve eco-friendly beauty too. Fussy is at the forefront of banishing BO and the carbon footprint of deodorants with its carbon neutral, cruelty free refillable products that really do stop you from smelling. To mark Earth Month, the brand has released a campaign featuring three ‘new’ scents: Toasted Forest, Dusty Drought and Tsunami Mist. Although the scents are more political statements than real products, the initiative is designed to draw people’s attention to some of the biggest planetary issues we’re all facing.

    Fussy Refillable Deodorants, from £20 
    You can’t get your hands on the novel scents thought up for Earth day but Fussy has four other delicious smelling options. From woody and minty, to floral and citrusy, there’s a scent to keep everyone’s pits happy. Also, who knew a deodorant could look so chic?

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