Dame Julie Andrews talks about returning for ‘Princess Diaries 3’

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  • Anne Hathaway previously confirmed there was a script for a third ‘Princess Diaries’ movie

    It’s been 18 years since Mia Thermopolis and her grandmother Clarisse Renaldi graced our screens in the Princess Diaries series, with Anne Hathaway and Dame Julie Andrews bickering away in the lead roles. If you’re still holding out hope for a third instalment in the royal story, Andrews has weighed in on whether she’d be down to return and well…it depends.

    Andrews was awarded with an AFI Life Achievement Award on Thursday, honouring her decades of work in Hollywood. While on the red carpet, she was asked by Entertainment Tonight if she would return for another Princess Diaries movie.

    “I don’t know, [Anne Hathaway is] probably still okay for it,” Andrews said, “but I’m probably a little too old a granny for it. I don’t know.”

    Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway in 2001 / Credit: WireImage

    She didn’t completely rule it out however, as she continued, “It depends what the story is and if they can come up with something that would be wonderful. But if not, there will be other things.”

    Andrews played Hathaway’s stern regal grandmother Clarisse Renaldi in the films, which was adapted from a Meg Cabot book series of the same name. In them, she butted heads with Hathaway as she primed her to become a member of Genovia’s royal family following years of estrangement – a process which didn’t come easily to either character, resulting in some hilarious and moving moments (as well as an unforgettable makeover montage).

    There are currently two films in the series, with the latter film starring Chris Pine as Hathaway’s love interest. However, Hathaway dropped a major bombshell for Princess Diaries fans in 2019 when she revealed on Watch What Happens Live, “There is a script for the third movie.”

    While at the time she said both she, Andrews and their producer were keen to do it, they had some reservations. She continued, “It’s just we don’t want to do it unless it’s perfect because we love it just as much as you guys love it.” 

    “It’s as important to us as it is to you and we don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready, but we’re working on it,” she promised.

    Keep your fingers crossed!

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