Chris Evans’ Boston accent slips out during interview, sparking thirsty internet reactions

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  • The internet thirsts again

    Boston-born actor Chris Evans’ accent has for the most part transitioned to a neutral American one, though a recent moment revealed he’s never too far from home.

    As he chatted with a reporter, his Boston accent slipped out as he answered a question about his new moustache – sparking reactions on social media.

    At the premiere for his new film Lightyear, the Marvel star was stopped on the red carpet for a quick interview. Sporting a beard, moustache and sunglasses, a reporter from Access Hollywood had a quick chat with the star. 

    The interviewer said, “I’ve been asking everyone here today…the moustache, without the moustache?”

    “Alright, what do you prefer?” Evans responded.

    His accent slipped slightly as he continued, “Moustache or no moustache? Be honest. Be honest.”

    Fans latched onto his pronunciation of moustache and especially of “honest,” which sounded like “awnest” in his accent.

    Chris Evans at the premiere of ‘Lightyear’ / Credit: Getty Images for Disney

    One Twitter user shared a clip of the interview on social media, captioned simply “jesus..

    That one tweet has since garnered over 90,000 Twitter likes, with fans posting incredibly thirsty reactions to the moment. (Many of them are not appropriate for publication.) One commenter responded with a picture of a woman lying in bed, hooked up to a fake IV drip which read, “Me if I was the interviewer.”

    Another responded, “The Boston jumped OUT. All the way OUT.”


    Others latched onto a man standing in the background, who appeared to be captivated by Evans. One user circled the man’s face and tweeted, “We are all this guy.”

    Evans was born in Massachusetts, Boston, and has frequently recalled his experience living in the city in various interviews over the years. In 2019, another fan pinpointed a moment during his interview with host Seth Meyers – correlating Evans’ moustache with the return of his Boston accent.

    This isn’t the first time Evans has sparked waves of thirst on the internet, as he previously went viral for his role in the film Knives Out. The sight of the Captain America star in a white cable-knit jumper has previously inspired romantic and not so romantic odes online, with some stores reporting at the time that dupes of the sweater had spiked in sales following the film’s release.

    Evans stars in the upcoming Pixar film Lightyear, where he voices the iconic Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear in a prequel set in space. The original character is voice by Tim Allen in Toy Story and Evans said previously to Variety it was an “intimidating” task to take on.

    “The first time you have to do that iconic line, ‘To Infinity and Beyond…,’ you kind of just do a shameless Tim Allen impression,” he said.

    Lightyear will hit UK cinemas on June 17.

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