Best condoms: 18 best to buy RN, according to a sexpert

These are the best on the market, from Lovehoney, Durex, Hanx, XO Condoms and more.

So, you’re on the hunt for the best condoms. They’re not usually synonymous with great sex – safe, sure, but not mind-blowing – as, for many, using them can lead to numbness or lack of feeling down there. So, yeah, not what you want mid-sex session.

But let us stop you there. Lovehoney sex expert Annabelle Knight disagrees, sharing: “In this day and age, with so many different colours, textures, and varieties of condoms available, there is no excuse for not protecting yourself and your lover. Condoms can even enhance your play,” she explains.

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Best condoms: 18 for sensitivity, safety, pleasure, and more

So, do you just go for the standard Durex option or does that risk using a condom you won’t be able to feel anything through? Knight’s advice is to try a few options until you work out what works out for you, as everyone will like different things.

“There are optionsfor everyone: flavoured, extra safe, delay varieties and non-latex for anyone with an allergy to the standard latex, even ones that glow in the dark,” she explains.

In short, there’s a whole load of different types – keep scrolling to shop the ones the sex-pert actually recommends, plus how to pick the right lubrication, thickness, brand, and more.

Regular – best all-rounder

Designed to offer the best fit for a standard-sized penis, regular condoms come in a variety of trusted brands.

“In general, regular condoms measure 190mm in length and 54-66mm in width, to comfortably protect,” explains Knight. “The average thickness is around 70 microns, which provides protection without compromising on sensation.”

Pasante Regular Condoms (144 pack) – £16.29 | Amazon
Does exactly what it says on the tin – buy for a (bargain, may we add) pack of twelve regular condoms, promising both comfort and simplicity.

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Skins Assorted Condoms (12 Pack) – £8 | Amazon 
These Skins condoms are made from natural latex, with a clear finish for a barely-there look and feel. Like the sound of a simple and natural feel? These are for you.

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Naturals condoms (30 pack) – £19.74 | Durex
Don’t want to splash out on lube, too? The Durex Naturals are coated with a water-based lubricant made from 98% natural origin ingredients and are free from artificial colourants and flavours, too. They’ve been dermatologically tested, too.

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Extra safe – best to prevent pregnancy

Ensure peace-of-mind during sex with an extra safe option. “Offering an increase in thickness and more lubrication, extra safe condoms are often used for anal sex, and provide even more safety without compromising on pleasure,” the sex-pert shares.

Extra Safe Thick Condoms (30 pack) – £13.89 | Durex
Like the sound of extra safe and extra lubricated condoms? Then these Durex condoms are your best bet, designed to be slightly thicker for greater comfort and peace of mind, too.

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Ultra Safe Condoms (12 Pack) – £6.99 | Boots
For a slightly cheaper price point, opt for the Boots Ultra Safe style. Again, they’re slightly thicker for extra reassurance, as well as being non-spermicidically lubricated.

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Delay – best for long-lasting

Delay condoms are a great way to prolong pleasure, Knight shares. “Using a tiny amount of the light anesthetic benzocaine, they reduce sensitivity throughout the whole of the penis, effectively working to delay ejaculation,” she explains.

“They have exactly the same features as your regular style, with reservoir and teat ends and an easy-on shape, but they’re often slightly thicker. This helps to reduce over-stimulation even further, keeping the pleasure going for longer,” she goes on.

Ultra Endurance Condoms (12 Pack) – 
£6.99 | Boots
Fun fact: these ultra-endurance condoms from Boots contain a desensitising lubricant designed to “prolong sexual pleasure for both partners.” *Adds to basket*

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EXS Delay Endurance (100 Pack) – £16.99 | Amazon
Enjoy longer-lasting loving, thanks to the lightly numbing lubricant inside. You heard it here first.

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Textured – best for pleasure

Offering different textures to stimulate both partners during sex, textured condoms feature sensual dots, ribs, and beads to bring an extra exciting dimension to your pleasure.

“With a large selection available from a wide range of trusted brands, make it your mission to discover why these condoms are perfect for both safe sex, and great sex,” Knight recommends.

Pasante Ribbed and Dotted Condoms (144 Pack) – £17.31 | Amazon
These textured condoms promise to offer extra sensations during sex. Think raised dots and stimulating ribs for a whole load of added fun. Enjoy.

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Durex Pleasure Me Condoms (40 Pack) – £27 | Amazon
Another ribbed condom offering to take your pleasure up a level are the Durex ‘Pleasure Me’ style. They have ribs at the bottom of the condom, to offer heightened clitoral stimulation.

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Intense condom (30 pack) – £17.85 | Durex
Keen to turn up the intensity? Then opt for the Durex Intense design, crafted with sexual satisfaction in mind. They’re ribbed and dotted and made from natural rubber latex. Not forgetting their Desirex gel coating, which delivers intense waves of warming, cooling, and tingling sensations. Enjoy.

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Black Pearl dotted condoms – £13.99 | Amazon
A sex-pert told us that these both look great and feel amazing. What more could you want? With stimulating dots and covered in a silicone-based lube, you’re in for some fun.

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Extra thin – best for sensitivity

Experience a closer feeling without compromising on safety with extra thin condoms. “Designed to enhance your pleasure with a skin-on-skin feeling, the minimal thickness allows for greater intimacy between both partners during sex,” Knight explains.

Each sensitive condom is made to the same high specifications as regular condoms, offering both quality and security, she adds.

HANX Condoms (10 pack) – £12.99 | Amazon
If you ever suffer from UTI’s after sex, you’ll want to try HANX condoms. They’ve been gynecologist approved, and promise to offer an ultra-thin, natural, Vegan Society certified and free from harsh chemicals condom. Sounds good, right? Designed by women, for women, they’re even biodegradable, too.

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XO! Hi-Sensation (12 pack) – £15 | Amazon
XO! also offer a range of natural, regenerative latex condoms that are carbon-neutral, too. Another female-founded brand, they’re made from clean ingredients. We’re a fan.

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Thin Feel Regular (40 pack) – £16.89 | Durex
Sex should always feel good. These Durex thin feel option will make your lovemaking that bit more intimate, helping to maximise sensitivity for you and your partner while still maintaining the same high level of protection.

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EXS Air Thin (100 Pack) – £13.99 | Amazon
Fun fact: these are the thinnest latex condom in the world at just 0.045mm thick – or, should we say, thin. They’re super subtle and yet still incredibly effective at protecting you from unwanted pregnancy.

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Glow in the Dark – best for fun

We mean, does what it says on the tin really. Glow in the dark fun.

Love Light Glow In The Dark Condoms (100 pack) – £29.99 | Condoms UK
Add a touch of novelty and fun to your intimacy with a glow-in-the-dark option. They’re as safe as the non-glowing kind, with a reservoir tip and a pre-lubricated surface, but a little fun, too.

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Non-Latex – best for latex allergies

Non-latex is a safe option for those with latex allergies.

“Made to the same high-quality standard as regular condoms, these clever creations use innovative materials including polyisoprene, polyurethane, and natural membrane to provide a more natural feeling,” shares Knight.

Do note here – you don’t need to have a latex allergy to opt for latex-free. “Often people choose latex-free protection because they prefer the sensation,” Knight says.

Real Feel condoms (30 pack) – £23.89 | Amazon
One of the first condoms claiming to be ‘technologically advanced’, the Durex Real Feel condoms are non-latex and guarantee to provide a superior natural skin-on-skin feeling.

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Mates SKYN Non Latex Condoms (10 Pack) – £12.99 | Lovehoney
These SKYN condoms have been, according to the brand, electronically tested to meet international safety and reliability standards. Not bad. They’re also perfect for anyone with latex allergies or those who want a more natural feel.

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Why should I invest in some good condoms?

Short answer: because you don’t want to risk getting pregnant or catching an STI, and everyone else is.

Figures from Boots UK show sales of condoms have almost doubled since last year, with a massive 98% increase in sales. “Searches on are also on the rise with 30% more searches for condoms and a 50% increase in searches for sex toys compared to last year,” shares a rep for the brand.

Top tip: Knight advises making sure to invest in one of the best lubes, too. Why? Well, in short, as she reckons it’ll make the whole ideal more easy, enjoyable, and sexy. Trust the sex-pert on this one.

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