7 Expensive-Looking Outfits That Have Rich-Mom Energy

I first became aware of the term rich-mom style when one of my favorite internet personalities, Tinx, popularized the idea. But then, I realized that it’s actually something we’re familiar with at WWW. Regardless of who you actually are or your parental status, income, or any other factors, anyone can harness rich-mom energy. It’s all about embodying a certain unbothered attitude, a concept that our former beauty editor Courtney Higgs waxed poetic about before. Really, it has nothing to do with actually being a mom or being “rich” and has everything to do with living your life with the mentality of wealth and abundance.

While I can’t consult on how exactly to visualize this existence, one thing I can provide is the inspiration for how to dress for it. It’s no different than the concept of putting together an expensive-looking outfit, meaning there are a few key styling tricks that are crucial to achieving this vibe. Think lots of all-white outfits, chunky jewelry, and prints galore. To explain in more detail what I’m talking about, I put together this guide to the expensive-looking outfits that exude rich-mom energy like no other. Ahead, peruse these looks, take note of the outfit formulas to achieve them, and see the shopping options inspired by them so you can go forth and live your best rich mom–inspired life this season and beyond. 

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