5 Sneaker Trends Blowing Up This Summer

Just put down the sandals for a second—I know it’s tempting to wear them 24/7 in this heat—but the wave of interesting sneakers buzzing around right now is worth the screentime. Sneaker trends can come and go spontaneously, which means even halfway through the year, the styles and names trending in January are subject to change (and they have indeed). Whereas classic white sneakers reigned strongly last season, the current vibe is all about ultra-sporty silhouettes dripped in color and statement details. The recent adoration of Asics by fashion people, in general, is perhaps the biggest example of the shift. Just maybe the era of the white sneaker is done for? It seems that way—well at least for right now.

But it’s not just Asics getting all of the shine—other sneaker trends have also emerged this summer too—and I’m delving into each and every one. Keep scrolling to see the full lineup of the pairs defining the moment, as well as the pairs to shop.

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