5 Shoe Trends Are Worth Investing in, and 5 to Skip

I’m what you might call a shoe person. I love shoes, especially heels. As someone who stopped getting taller in the eighth grade, I’ve always been on the short side, so heels have been my best friend since I was 15 years old. I take my shoe game seriously, and while I’ve already admitted to being a heels-lover, I don’t discriminate when it comes to great shoes. Sneakers, flats, sandals, boots, you name it, I’m into it. Shoes are the delicious cherry on top of every outfit and can either take your look up a notch or totally tank it.

With that said, I have been eyeing tons of shoe trends all summer, some have been a total hit, and others… not so much. There are five shoe trends, in particular, that I can’t get enough of and five that I’m ready to ditch. The trends that I’m personally loving are platform heels, the surprising comeback of sleek wedges, thong sandals and/or flip-flops, Cinderella-inspired heels, and fisherman sandals. While chunky loafers, espadrilles, designer slides, lace-up sandals, and sky-high stilettos didn’t make the cut.

Keep scrolling to see what shoes I’m eyeing to help me stay on-trend. 

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