5 Emerging Brands and Designers Trending in 2022

There are the established fashion houses and the go-to legacy brands we know and love, but fashion is also constantly awash with fresh talent. Each season, a new crop of names and faces pop up on the circuit, and with them come a plethora of new designs and ideas to pay attention to. Scoping out emerging designers is one of the highlights of being a fashion editor, and it seems like there’s something popping up for me to be enthralled with each week.

Supporting these brands and designers is especially important to me given the demands and challenges that come with building a brand. The below names are doing just that—forging their own audiences with unique pieces. It’s partly why a good portion of my recent buys have been from them. Keep scrolling to check out the new class of emerging designers I have in my bookmarks, from IG cult favorites to minimalist labels.

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