5 Easy Bikini Styling Hacks It Girls Swear By

On the fashion spectrum, bikinis are probably the closest socially acceptable alternative to being naked. Truthfully a bikini contains the most minuscule pieces of fabric, yet ironically, it presents one of the best opportunities to flex your sartorial muscles. After all, in the age of social media, snapping the perfect beachside pic is an event in itself, and that’s where the right accessories come in. 

As proven by fashion It girls, a bikini is only the base layer. It’s the jewelry, shirts, hats, and sunglasses you add to it that truly count. Among the gambit of beloved bikini pairings, colorful crochet bucket hats rank high on the list. Shimmering belly chains are another go-to styling hack for making the most out of bikinis this season. I’ve counted a few more styling tricks It girls are currently employing to level up their swimwear, and they’re all down below. Keep scrolling to read the full list.

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