5 “Anti-Aging” Skincare Truths That Everyone Needs to Hear

It feels as though the beauty tides are really starting to turn. Over the past few months, the way in which we approach our beauty routines has really changed, and I’m not just talking about the products we’re shopping for. Forget the intricacies. I’m talking real, deep-rooted, institutional sort of change. For the first time in my career as a beauty editor, I genuinely believe that the beauty industry’s whole mission has undergone a shift: The anti-aging myth is, I believe, no more.

While beauty brands have always championed a “fountain of youth” approach to their marketing, the past few decades have seen a particular focus on wrinkle reversal. In fact, the term “anti-aging” has come to mean total annihilation of any wrinkle or fine line in sight. But this year, the approach to anti-aging is changing. We are finally coming to terms with the fact that the dream we have been sold is one big con. The creams don’t work, the science isn’t there, and, perhaps most importantly, we don’t want to demonize our wrinkles anymore.

However, this isn’t to say there’s not some truth to anti-aging promises. And it’s certainly not to say you’re wrong if you still feel as though you’d like to look a little younger. (It’s only human.) There are, in fact, ways we can embrace our skin’s natural aging process while ensuring we maintain a youthful-looking complexion. If you’re feeling like you don’t know what to think about your skincare routine right now, you’re not alone. To help navigate this new world of skincare, I reached out to the most straight-talking expert I know, aesthetics doctor Ahmed El Muntasar. Keep scrolling for the mature-skin advice everyone really needs to hear. Trust me—your skin will thank you for it.

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