42 Gorgeous On-Sale Finds That Will Sell Out By August

If you’ve happened upon any clothing stores in the last month, whether in-person or digitally, you’ll know that the summer sale season is well underway. As we speak, practically every retailer on the planet is marking down whatever last-season product they have left in order to make room for all of the new arrivals they invested in for fall. That is why we, too, are scrambling, but not to get rid of things. Instead, we’re on the hunt for new (to us) finds, all of which are being sold for a fraction of what we would have paid for them just a few weeks ago. 

To get a handle on this season’s sale selection, I took on the task of scouring the marked-down items at every retailer, from Zara and Mango to Moda Operandi and Nordstrom. One too many personal shopping breaks and about a thousand product pages later, I curated the wishlist of all wish lists, which I conveniently laid out below. I’ll go ahead and consider your forthcoming purchases a thank you. 

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