41 Honeymoon Outfit Ideas for the Most Popular Destinations

Morocco has become a haven for honeymooners because it has some of the most beautiful hotels in the world—they’re typically former palaces, known as riads, with indoor courtyards. So it only makes sense that with beautiful architecture, spas, great food, and plenty of exploring, you’d want to spend your honeymoon here. Unlike other destinations, though, packing requires more thoughtfulness, as Morocco has a Muslim majority, and you’ll want to be respectful of the customs. You don’t have to cover your hair, but you’ll want to pack more modest pieces for when you’re out exploring—e.g., maxi skirts and dresses in linens and cotton, high-neckline tops, and maybe a scarf or hat for when you do want to be more modest. When heading to a bathhouse or the pool at your hotel, we recommend opting for a minimalist swimsuit and an oversize button-down or kaftan to cover up after. Ultimately, it’s all about packing pieces that are modest enough to not stick out like a sore thumb but are still functional and fashionable so you can feel your best. 

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