4 Shoes That Are Podiatrist Approved and 4 That Have to Go

I’m in love with shoes. And just like every love story, there’s that heartbreaking moment when the protagonist and her soulmate begin to drift apart. That’s what’s happening to me right now as my feet are healing from a nasty online purchase that did not meet my standards of comfort. Having comfortable shoes is so important to every fashion editor. We’re on our feet all the time, as part of the job is going out to discover new brands, and New York City is made for walking.

Since my latest shoe purchases haven’t been as walkable as I would’ve liked, I decided it was time to talk to an expert about what I should be looking for in my next pair. Tough love is necessary when someone is dealing with the level of heartbreak that I described above, so Benjamin Tehrani, DPM, kept it real with me. While I won’t be completely saying goodbye to some of these fun trends, Tehrani has me convinced that I should shy away from them on days when I’ll be on my feet a lot. When taking care of my health involves fashion, I dive right in. Below, you’ll find the four shoe styles that Tehrani and I approve of.

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