31 Cool Flat Shoes for Summer

Since I was a teenager, high heels have been painful for me to pull off. I’ve wished nothing more for many years to be able wear heels that were higher than three inches tops without suffering, but no matter what trick I tried I couldn’t handle the discomfort. That said, flat shoes and I have been well acquainted for most of my life at this point. Rewind to a few years or so ago when stylish flat shoes of all kinds (beyond the usual ballet flats, loafers…etc.) came onto the scene pushing, the focus on heels into the background—I was elated. My time to shine was, and still is, officially here.

This summer, the selection of cool flat sandals is no exception. From elevated flip-flops to fisherman sandals to sleek slide sandals, I can’t help but be in my happy place. Ahead, shop 31 of my top flat sandal picks that are comfortable without sacrificing style.

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