31 Best Pleated Pants for Women 2022

Listen, I’ve never really been a “trouser” person, but there’s one trend out there that’s been swaying me recently. Two words: Pleated. Pants. The tailored, menswear-inspired look is really having a moment, and the pants come in all sorts of silhouettes, so you can find exactly what speaks to you. There are breezy wide-leg ones for summer or fall-ready corduroy designs, and even if you’re more of a denim fan, there are stylish pleated jeans in the mix too. The best part about them is that although they might seem dressy because of the tailored details, they can be super casual too, especially in materials like cotton and linen. Basically, they look just as good with a T-shirt and sandals as they do with a blazer and high heels

Here, I rounded up 31 of the best pleated pants in a wide range of styles to give you plenty of options. Like me, you might be pleasantly surprised to find how versatile they can be. Add any of the below to your wardrobe to channel a whole new effortlessly chic aesthetic. 

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