18 Beauty Staples I Always Rebuy Before I Run Out

Even though it might seem bizarre for a person who has access to hundreds of items in any given beauty category to continuously rebuy the exact same formulas over and over, that’s me 99% of the time. Sure, I’m constantly trying new things, but rarely can a new formula live up to the one I’d take a bullet for sitting on top of my vanity. Again, I like what I like. Of course, there are certain product categories I’m not married to—for instance, I’ll use any body lotion that’s put in front of me, and the same pretty much goes for things like eyeliner, face wash, and the like. (Although don’t get me wrong—I definitely have preferred children in all arenas.) 

Recently, I realized at the very last minute that I was only a few squirts away from emptying my favorite conditioner (I couldn’t get to my laptop fast enough to restock post-shower), which reminded me that there really are certain products in my rotation that feel untouchably irreplaceable. Below are 18 of my ride-or-die beauty staples I absolutely always rebuy before I run out. Or, if it’s a newer find, I most definitely plan to rebuy before I run out. Keep scrolling!

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