15 Celeb-Inspired Prom Makeup Looks That Are So Good

We hear that finding the dress is the most difficult part of preparing for prom. Once you run through your color options, the silhouette, length, and accessories, you might start to feel more prepared, but the truth is the details, like your hair and makeup, can make or break your entire look. Think about it: When you’re off snapping selfies with your friends all night, your dress barely shows up in the photo, right? Lucky for you, we have the makeup inspiration you need to make that perfect gown look that much better.

With a photo package and yearbook selects on the line, picking the wrong makeup look can follow you all the way to your 10-year reunion and beyond. Rather than settling for something, we’ve rounded up 15 celeb-loved makeup looks to copy on the biggest night of high school. Prom is one of those events that you get one shot at—twice if you’re lucky—so do yourself a favor and get it right while you can.

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