10 Swimsuit Styles That Work for Bigger Busts

Shopping for swimsuits used to be the absolute bane of my existence, and I just know that many of us share the same experience. No matter what brand I tried, I always felt like I had to switch up what size I ordered. Having a bigger bust and smaller frame meant that my top size and bottom size never lined up. This led to many, many returns and unhappy package deliveries.

I finally found some peace of mind when Triangl first blew up. I don’t know about you, but when the brand first launched, it was the only thing I ever saw when I opened the Instagram app. It carries something called “Small ++” for people who wouldn’t fit into a large band but have a larger cup size. I was in heaven upon my discovery of the brand’s swimsuits.

Things have gratefully become much easier for me in the swimsuit department, as I’ve figured out which suits to buy by taking very close looks at the size and fit section and learning which brands I trust. My picks below work on much more than just my body type, so find your new summer ‘fit below.

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